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Gold Coast Gel Blasters

Gel Blasting Gold Coast: Come and Visit Us

When it comes to gel blasters, Gold Coastis well catered for because we've got a shop there: at 126 Scarborough Street That makes it convenient if you're looking for gel blasters in Surfers Paradise too. Read More

We are the leading online gel blasting company, which is good news for the whole of Australia, but for gel blasting in Gold Coast and gel guns in the Gold Coast you have the advantage of being able to come along and see the merchandise up close, try a few models and see how they feel, then pick one, buy it and take it home just like that - go straight to a gel blasting event and show it off.

What Models Gel Blaster Do We Have in Gold Coast?

Our range is nothing short of incredible, so let's go through some highlights. If you've ever seen the film Taxi Driver, when Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) is buying a gun and a dealer opens his suitcase to reveal half a dozen weapons (and Travis buys all of them), that is nothing compared to what we've got.

Starting with electric gel guns, how about an M4A1 V8 or a Scar V2, an SKD Beretta M92 or the classic EO18, the first electric pistol to have select fire, enabling users to switch between single shot and fully automatic at the touch of a button. The gel blaster version has a blowback feature which pulls the slide back and then forwards when you pull the trigger. The realism is incredible and makes this an exciting model to use.

Gel Guns In The Gold Coast

Maybe the SSG69 Steyr sniper rifle is more your thing Or the AKS47. Many people buy several and pick whichever one suits their mood on the day.

Among the Gas/Co2 gel blasters, the Golden Eagle TTI Sand Viper has a lot of fans, as does the AW1911 with its elegant matte/chrome styling. If you're thinking big and tough, the King Arms TWS 9mm SBR blowback rifle is a weapon people don't want to come up against, so it's a great one to have in your arsenal.

And that is to name but a few. The choice is yours - and it's one hell of a choice. The gel blasters Surfers Paradise people need are all here, and our prices are unbeatable in Australia.

Are Gel Blasters Legal in Surfers Paradise?

They most certainly are. The enlightened authorities in this state are perfectly happy for you to own a gel blaster in Gold Coast or anywhere else in their jurisdiction and we at TacToys are recognised as a good and responsible dealer. We've got all the pistols, the rifles, the gel balls and the accessories you will ever need. We also offer all the help you need in choosing one of our products and we can give you all the advice you need to stay out of trouble.

You have to be aware that our gel blasters are very realistic, so you can't go around frightening the neighbours by brandishing your weapon in the street. What you do in private is up to you, so find yourself the perfect site to get together with fellow enthusiasts and have all the fun you want. We also offer gel blasters in Sunshine Coast & gel blasters in Toowoomba. Read Less

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