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Metal Gel Blasters

Real Feel Metal Gel Blaster

While polymer and nylon blasters are incredibly popular, nothing beats the feel of cold metal. Giving you a full immersion into the gel blasting experience, the weight and balance are finely tuned for precision and performance. Read More

Not only can you impress your teammates with a full metal gel blaster, but you can also opt for multi-material builds that give you the smooth and realistic experience you crave. Using a metal barrel prevents micro-vibrations experienced with plastic and can have a negative impact on your accuracy scores. Metal is strong, durable, and suitable for all play styles.

If you choose a gel blaster pistol in metal, it takes a little extra care and maintenance to keep it performing at its peak. Using oil and silicone lubricant on the metal-on-metal and moving parts will prevent difficulties in operating the toy weapon.

The metal gel blaster gives you all the power you need to charge toward victory in your skirmish and tag games. Metal amps up the firing power while improving accuracy and is a must-have in your kit for those extra challenging competitions.

Shop The Best Deals with TacToys' Gel Blaster Pistol with Metal Components

Gel blasters are made using precision-engineered parts that allow for a seamless experience during your skirmish games. If you want to guarantee a reliable and trustworthy firearm, shopping with a reliable supplier is a must.

TacToys offers a wide range of metal gel blaster weapons, accessories, and gear from the top brands in the industry. With us, you'll receive high-quality and long-lasting equipment that will help you raise your skill level and flatten the competition. On top of that, you won't find better prices anywhere else.

As a competitive crew, we make sure our deals are the best available on the 600 fps gel blaster market in Australia by giving you the Best Price Guarantee. If you do find one of our competitors offering an identical item for less, we'll match the lowest price and take an extra 5% off to show you we mean business.

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As an additional bonus, you can earn money off future hk gel blaster purchases with TacToys too. Through our exclusive rewards program, you receive TacPoints every time you shop with us. We'll give you bonus points for joining us on social media too, so come join our amazing group of gel blaster enthusiasts!

The TacToys team prides itself on excellent customer service that extends beyond initial purchase. If you would like after-purchase support with your weapon, or even some advice on the best care practices, we're more than happy to help. Give us a call, or send an email, and one of our gel blaster 1911 specialists will give you the support you need.

Some states and territories have strict control rules in place for the purchase and ownership of toy weapons that closely resemble the real deal. To avoid disappointment, please check with local laws before making your purchase to ensure your state is friendly towards this sport.

Buying Your Full Metal Gel Blaster with TacToys

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For extra convenience, you can select one of over 4000 click-and-collect locations, so you won't have to wait in all day on delivery day. As soon as we ship your order, we will send you a tracking code, so you can see where your package is at all times through the link on our website.

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