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AK/AKS/AKM 47 Gel Blasters

Stay Safe While Enjoying the Gel Blaster AK

If you haven't heard of gel blaster before, then boy, are you in for a treat? The toy firearms provide a safer alternative to traditional airsoft or paintball guns because they shoot water beads, instead of more robust ammunition that can cause injury. But don't worry, just because they are not physically dangerous, it doesn't mean that our toy guns don't look the part!

The AK 47 gel Blaster is a firm favourite here at TacToys because it is designed to look and feel just like the real deal, without the danger of live missiles. And to top it all off, gel ball as a sport is 100% kind to the environment, all thanks to their biodegradable and non-toxic bullets. Read More

Choose a Reliable Source for Your AK 47 Gel Blaster Needs

Did you know that at TacToys, we are the leading supplier of gel blasters in both the US and Australia? That means that we must be doing something right! In fact, we have over 3,000 5-star reviews that confirm exactly that, so if you are still unsure about where to purchase your shiny new gel blaster AK, then head online and see for yourselves. We like to take care of our customers, and one of the ways we do this is by offering regular giveaways of full metal gel blaster, and discount codes for our clients who sign up to our mailing list. It's easy to do, so just pop in your email address, and we'll be waiting in your inbox. Something you'll never have to worry about when purchasing from TacToys is value for money. This is because we offer products made from the finest materials but sell at the most competitive prices. We sincerely doubt that you will find identical products for cheaper with another company, but just in case you do, TacToys provide a best-price guarantee on gel guns, meaning that we will beat any competitor by 5%!

The Gel Blaster AK Will Outsmart Your Competition

You will without a doubt score big on the battlefield when equipped with the AK 47 gel blaster. Designed with combat in mind, its pinpoint precision and expansive firing range ensure you'll hit your target each and every time. But let's get real for a minute, although you will feel completely immersed in the combat game, we feel that it's important to remind you that the gel blaster AK is a toy and has been recognised as such by the Department of Home Affairs in Australia back in 2017.

Grab Your AK 47 Gel Blaster Today!

One of the things we love most about gel ball is that it doesn't discriminate. Players young and old across the globe can enjoy what the AK 47 gel blaster has to offer. Here at TacToys we also stock a range of products that suit all price points. With that being said, you also have the option of choosing our fantastic payment plan at checkout, so you can split the cost of gel blaster targets over 3 manageable payments. Our parting gift is that you will also receive Australia-wide shipping completely free of charge! So, get on board and see how much fun you can have with a gel blaster AK! Read Less

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