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Sunshine Coast Gel Blasters

Get a Gel Blaster Sunshine Coast Players Will Respect

Because of the name, the Sunshine Coast conjures up images of golden sand and sparkling ocean, but that's not all there is to it. Even beach bums have hobbies that involve a little more activity and challenge, and the gel blasting Sunshine Coastis another world in the same geographical location. Read More

If you're a seasoned gel baller or a newcomer looking for an exciting pastime that's a lot livelier than soaking up the rays, here's what you need: the best online gel blaster emporium in the country. Within our range of gel blasters, Sunshine Coast residents will find the one they need to gain instant respect within the sport. Many players have several models in their arsenal, and with our prices - also the best in the country - that is doable.

What are the Options for Gel Blasting On The Sunshine Coast?

It's all a question of what will suit you. If you're a pistol person, quick and nimble, picking off opponents with your sharp reflexes and awareness, we've got some great ones for you. The Golden Eagle range contains some beauties with different specifications and looks - and image is important in all this. You need to know that not only does the gun do the job, but it looks good too. In the heat of battle, it's an extension of yourself.

The fully automatic SKD1911 has a distinctive appearance as well as a phenomenal rate of fire and a magazine that will keep you shooting when many are having to reload.

Maybe you fancy the NWell .357 Magnum 5.5” metal revolver or the snubnose version. Both are excellent choices and t's just a matter of which suits you best.

If it's rifles that float your boat, how about the highly distinctive Double Bell VSR10 in a camouflage finish? Or the CYMA AK47 gel blaster -that's a mean SOB with stylish, wood-effect good looks.

Add to any of these your own skills and you're looking at a lean, mean gelballing machine that could make you a gel blasting Sunshine Coast legend.

Order it Now and Get it Real Soon

We are very hot on turnaround of orders, and if you get your order in before 2 pm we can dispatch it the same day. We know that if you've got an event coming up you will want to get a good feel of your new acquisition so that when you get out there on the day you'll be working well and primed to show the suckers how it's done.

Contact Us for Details and Advice

We are here to help, and our customer service team really know their stuff, so whatever queries you have, about specifications, gel ball gun parts or accessories, just ask away. Talking of accessories, they can really make you look the part, so if you need anything from a cap or badges to clothing and even footwear, TacToys has got what you need to serve practical purposes and boost your image.

Call us or drop us an email and we'll give you all the help you need. Get yourself a gel blaster Sunshine Coast is going to notice and come to respect. We also offer gel blasters in Brisbane & Cairns Gel Blasters. Read Less

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