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Pistol Gel Blasters

Gel Blaster Handguns: The Realism! The Quality! The Value!

If you're a gel baller you know the fun of the sport is directly linked to the quality of the products. You've only got to look at a gel blaster pistol from our range, or better still, handle one, to understand that they mean business. The detail is amazing, they feel right and you're just itching to get out there and have fun. Read More

A gel blaster handgun presents the opportunity to get together with some like-minded dudes and do it for real, not just do pretend things on a computer. With a top-of-the-range gel pistol in your hand, you can be who you want to be, using your skills and reflexes, your natural instincts and hard-earned experience to win. Because this is not the sort of game where losing is an option.

Real Excellence in the Purchase and Delivery too

Not only do we have the best equipment - we can get you the best revolver gel blaster there is, for instance - but we do it at the best prices in Australia. And with free delivery, the price stays at that price. We're not going to give you an attractive offer and spoil it at the end by rushing you for some more cash to close the deal.

You can click and collect in thousands of locations if that is convenient for you or visit our shops in Brisbane or Gold Coast.

Are Gel Blaster Handguns Legal?

In Queensland, it is 100% legal to buy a gel blaster handgun, gel blaster pistol, revolver gel blaster plus the ammunition and accessories from a reputable dealer such as us. In other states, some models are classed as imitation firearms rather than toys, so you should contact your local law enforcement officers.

Revolver Gel Blaster Common Sense and Safety

The legal aspect is a fair question, because with the sort of realism we deal with, these babies can look pretty scary, and alarming the public is not what this is all about.

Even in areas where your gel ball gun is legal, you should only use it on private property where a group of you are gathered for a gel blaster grenade launcher session. You certainly shouldn't go wandering around in public with it.

Although as you know, the gel capsules are very safe and not even particularly messy, it is recommended to wear eye protection.

Having taken all the sensible stuff into consideration, find a good place where you can enjoy yourselves and let yourselves go, then let the fun begin!

Contact Us with Any Questions About Gel Pistols

We have a large range of gel blaster pistols, so choosing the best one for you might take a bit of deciding. And of course, if you're buying not for yourself but someone else, you will want to make sure you're getting something they can handle and which they are going to be comfortable with. We are here to answer your questions and help you make your decision.

You can contact TacToys by phone or email to ask about equipment, delivery, safety or anything else. We'll be happy to help you. Read Less

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