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Glock 22 Gel Blasters

Beautifully Simple but Seriously Effective: the Glock 22 Gel Blaster

Choosing the right gel blaster has a lot in common with selecting a real pistol. It's a combination of quality of manufacture, performance, how it looks and how it handles. It is easy to understand why the Glock gel blaster is so popular - because it is a high-performance pistol that feels good in the hand, is powerful and accurate and also looks great.

Are looks important in a gel pistol? Of course, they are. Before you get as far as assessing your opponents' skills, you notice what they're carrying, and if it's a Glock 22 gel blaster, that tells you they are taking this seriously. That, of course, is what you want people to think about you, too. While ultimately you win or lose according to how you perform, the quality of the piece you're using plays a large part, and you begin the mental battle as soon as you show up and reveal what you're packing.

It doesn't have to be a Glock gel blaster, though. We have a wide range of superb models for you to choose from. Just be aware that in the world of the gel blaster, as in real life, certain models are popular for a reason, and the Glock has earned its place at the top of the ladder on merit: it's a superb piece of equipment to have at your disposal. Read More

Is This Glock Gel Blaster Authentic?

The gel blaster connoisseur knows that bells and whistles are strictly for the amateur. Like most of the top names in whatever field you look at, Glock is all about simplicity. Any fool can get complicated.

What you need in the world of 600 fps gel blaster combat is a weapon that performs well, simple as that. The fact that a Glock 22 gel blaster looks great shows you mean business, but then you must back that up with action. That in turn depends on the design of the piece, because the better it feels, the better you're going to perform. One thing leads to another. It feels great, it performs well, so you feel great, and you perform well.

They say a bad workman blames his tools, but that has never been a legitimate excuse, and in this line of entertainment and fun, with our gel blaster ak prices, you don't have to be in that position anyway, because you can have the best.

How to Order a Glock Gel Blaster

If you know exactly what you want, you can order and pay for it online and we'll dispatch it swiftly. There is also a click-and-collect option if you would like to do it that way.

Any questions you need to ask, you can give TacToys AU a call or email us. We'll give you all the help and advice you need. We have products for kids too, so if you're buying for a youngster, they will have their own ideas and you may want to discuss with us what would be suitable.

So, it's as easy as that. The best products and accessories at the best prices in Australia, with excellent customer service. Just like a Glock gel blaster: simple but devastatingly effective. Read Less

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