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AK74U Gel Blasters

You Know You Can Trust the AK74U Gel Blaster

Ever fancied getting yourself an AK74U gel blaster, but assumed that they are illegal across Australia? We're sure you'll be pleased to hear that this is absolutely wrong, as the Department of Home Affairs declared gel blasters a toy back in 2017. Further information regarding the technicalities is available to read on our website, so head on over to TacToys to see what all the gel gun fuss is about!

We even go one step further and eliminate any anxieties about purchasing a gel blaster, because here at TacToys we include a warranty on all our products. That's right, you can sleep easy knowing that if you don't absolutely love your new AK74U gel blaster, then we've got you covered. Although in all honesty, we genuinely doubt that will happen! Read More

Purchase an AK47U gel Blaster from a Reliable Source

Before you choose where to purchase your AK74U gel blaster, we think that it will be helpful to find out a little more about how we roll here at TacToys You never know, it may help sway your decision:

  • Expert knowledge

Every member of the team lives and breathes gel blaster foregrips, so should you have any questions involving the game itself, or any of our products, we would love to hear from you. Email or give us a call to have a friendly, yet informative chat.

  • Outstanding value

Finding a more competitive deal elsewhere is unheard of, but if you do, it would be in your best interest to let us know. This is because we endeavour to beat any identical item by 5% if found cheaper with our competitors. Who can argue with such an amazing deal?!

  • Free shipping

That's right, we deliver across the whole of Australia absolutely free of charge! Immediate dispatch is also provided for our in-stock products, so you'll have your new AK74U gel blaster in your hands before you know it!

The AK47U Gel Blaster Offers More Than Just a Game

Do you follow us on social media? If not, why not?! Here you will find so much information regarding the game, as well as being able to take advantage of our regular promotional offers on m16a1 gel blaster and giveaways! It also gives you a chance to connect with like-minded players from across the globe, should that be something you're interested in. So go on, you know you want to, jump on board with the largest supplier of gel blasters across Australia, you won't regret it!

You Won't be Disappointed with an AK74U Gel Blaster

Before we let you go, one final thing we want to celebrate about a gel blaster is that it is far less harmful to both our players and the environment, compared with similar games such as paintball. This is because the ammunition is made up of water bullets that simply evaporate upon impact. These non-toxic balls are the perfect alternative for players of all ages, so grab yourselves an AK74U gel blaster, and some competitors and get yourselves onto the battlefield! Read Less

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