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Everything You Want to Know About Gel Blasters

New to gel blasters? Learn everything you want to know about them in our video.

Tac Toys is the leading supplier of Gel Blasters in Australia with store fronts in Brisbane and the Gold Coast with Australia wide delivery. The growing sport and toy range has taken Australia by storm, and we pride ourselves in sourcing only top-quality products. Whether you are after Rifles, pistols, shotguns, snipers or more, Tac Toys have you covered with our range. Some of our more sought after gel blaster products include Glock 18 , M4A1 , Desert Eagle and the popular SCAR V2 .


Find Your Ideal Gel Ball Gun Right Here

Gel blaster equipment and enthusiasts have revolutionised the world of skirmish and team tag games. With its popularity skyrocketing, the wide range of gel gun styles and features available continues to grow. You'll find a selection of low-powered, cosplay guns and high-powered, realistic guns for truly immersive play, and everything in between. Read More

Gel blaster gun games are exhilarating and thrilling, whilst encouraging players to spend time outdoors too. You can create a family fun game that doesn't have the mess or pain of paintball, or you can crank up the challenge and compete against advanced players in a battlefield re-enactment. With the right gel blaster gun by your side, you'll have hours of entertainment as you hone your skills to become a 600 fps gel blaster master.

Which Gel Blaster Gun Will You Choose?

Variety is wonderful, but when it comes to choosing your weapon - it can become overwhelming, especially for new players.

TacToys gives you the choice of pistols, SMGs, snipers, shotguns, and even a gel soft rifle collection. Choosing your gel blaster type will have an impact on your style of play. If it's up close and personal you're looking for, nothing beats a compact - but powerful - pistol. However, If you favour tactical strategy, high accuracy, and precision, take a look at our incredible range of snipers available. With a realistic casing, and the option to utilise scopes and lasers, you'll be the star player on your team.

Entry-level gel blasters can start at around 140fps, rising to 320+fps for the most powerful gel blaster available. Because the ammo gel balls are soft and consist mostly of water, the feet per second (fps) are capped. The sheer force needed to achieve a higher FPS isn't compatible with the materials. But just because a 600fps gel blaster isn't possible today, doesn't mean it won't be possible in the future - so watch this space!

Buying Your Gel Gun with TacToys

When it comes to pistol grip gel blaster it's best to buy with the most reputable company. Knowing that you'll receive a high-quality product that delivers excellent value for money - with an aftercare service and an easy-to-access customer service team makes all the difference.

Cheap products made from low-quality components have a higher chance of malfunction and total breakdown. But with TacToys, you get multiple assurances that your gel ball gun will stay the course and help you shoot your way to victory.

All TacToys products come with a warranty, the length of time depends on the level (entry, mid, advanced) of the product. We stock all the big-name brands in the gel gun world, and we want to make this sport as accessible and as budget friendly as possible.

That's why TacToys gives you the Best Price Guarantee. If you find one of our products at a lower price anywhere else, we'll not only match that price - but we'll also beat it by giving you an extra 5% off.

Create your TacToys account to start collecting TacPoints with every metal gel blaster purchase. This program rewards our loyal customers with money off future purchases. There are so many reasons to shop with TacToys, so why go anywhere else?

Receiving Your Gel Soft Rifle and Other Toy Weapons Safely and Securely

Different states and territories have local rules regarding imitation weaponry. While TacToys sells only legal toy guns that shoot gel ammo balls - some are incredibly realistic. It's best to check with local law enforcement before ordering to prevent any problems or misunderstandings that may occur.

Once you've decided to go ahead with your order, TacToys aims to dispatch on the same day wherever possible. As an added bonus, you'll receive free shipping for orders across Australia.

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