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WST Tactical Helmet (Black)

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The WST Tactical Helmet is the perfect addition to any Gel Ball loadout. Modelled after helmets in use by Special Forces operators, the helmet is comfortable and the lightweight construction offers adequate protection for all gel soft scenarios while at the same time minimising fatigue. Thanks to their modularity and sleek tactical design, these are quickly becoming the new favourite go-to helmet amongst gelsofters.

These modular helmets can be customised with a wide array of rail attached accessories, add-on Velcro panels, helmet covers, and various mounts for night vision devices or your Go-Pro Camera to capture all your action! The adjustable strap system ensures proper retention at multiple points while maintaining maximum comfort. The extra wide ear cut ensures your hearing will not be obstructed and at the same time offers adequate space to comfortably wear your favourite communications headset.

This version of the Fast Helmet is filled with light weight / high density foam lining similar to bicycle helmets with a chin strap system for simplicity and practical use.


  • Tactical side rails fit all kinds of accessories
  • Integrated NVG mounting point / shroud (NVG mount not included)
  • Loop fastener panels on right, left, top, and backside of helmet for Morale Patches, Nameplates and IR / Reflective Tabs
  • Lightweight, hard shell design
  • Fully adjustable chinstrap
  • Integrated hard foam inner shell
  • Removable, adjustable internal pads
  • Tactical side rails fit all kinds of accessories

Size: One Size Fits Most, Adjustable

Color: Black