TACTOYS x 3DG - GLOCK 17 Gen 4 (V3) - Gel Blaster (Red/Black) – TacToys

TACTOYS x 3DG - GLOCK 17 Gen 4 (V3) - Gel Blaster (Red/Black)

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If you want the best performance, quality and the most realistic pistol on the market this is simply it. We are the official and sole exclusive distributor for the 3DG Glock 17 Gen 4 (V3). You will not find this model sold anywhere else in Australia.

- Electric Magazine Fed
- Extreme Blowback Feeling
- 11.1v Battery Standard
- Metal Barrel
- Trigger Safety (Like Real Glock)
- Replacement Colourful Slides
- High Capacity Magazine
- Shell Material: Nylon
- Nylon Gears
- High Power Motor

1 x Brand New TacToys Glock 17 Gel Ball Gun
1 x Gel Ball Magazine
1 x 11.1v Rechargeable Battery
1 x Super High Quality Safety Glasses
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Safety Glasses 
1 x Gell Ball Starter Pack (Recommended to purchase more)
1 x Red Slide

Firing Power:
Approximately 180-200FPS - Get replacement/extra 11.1V Battery Go to: https://www.tactoys.com.au/products/11-1v-battery-tactoys-x-3dg-glock-17?_pos=1&_sid=ef856072e&_ss=r

Ammo Size:
7 - 8mm. To purchase the best and hardest shell Gel Ball go to the link below:

New Tab
7 - 8mm. To purchase the best and hardest shell Gel Ball go to the link below:

TacToys Exclusive Glock 17 Gel Blaster Review

Find out everything you need to know about the TT x 3DG Glock 17 before you buy it!

The Best Electric Pistol

  • Extreme Electric Blowback
  • Interchangeable Slides
  • 11.1v Upgraded Battery
  • High Capacity Magazine

The TacToys x 3DG Glock 17 Gel Blaster was a groundbreaking step forward in the world of electric pistols bringing the industries FIRST real time blowback feature without using illegal gas. The realistic feeling of the blowback is testimant to the insane quality and inovation of the internals.

Customise your Glock 17 to make it different by changing the colour of your slide! You can choose from green, red, blue, tan and many more! Get yours at the link here - https://www.tactoys.com.au/products/3dg-glock-17-coloured-slide?_pos=1&_sid=38763aa85&_ss=r

To ensure the performance is at the top of the game, the 3DG G17 comes standard with an 11.1v high discharge battery. This allows for the high powered motor to move the blowback pin at extreme speeds which gives us the insane blowback feeling.

The Glock 17 Gel Blaster magazine holds roughly 16-20 gel balls per magazine, giving you more than enough shots to hit your target! If you haven't hit your target within 16 shots, simply reload in 10 seconds and try again.

Super Upgradeable

Super Upgradeable

The TacToys x 3DG Glock 17 has a SERIOUS amount of upgrade options. From sights, torches and even mag well flares you will find it hard to fit all of the upgrades at the same time! Gone are the days of pistols being boring and pointless, the Glock 17 has more upgrades than many gel blaster rifles.

Heavy Duty Spring

Having the highest ever FPS from an electric pistol is not easy. That's why the Glock 17 has been specifically designed with a custom spring to produce the 180-200FPS levels without damaging the internals in the process. Serious product research and development has taken place to ensure this is possible.

Heavy Duty Spring

Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail

From the moment you hold the Glock 17, you realise this is NOT some quickly designed fake pistol. True man hours with attention to detail has been put into this pistol, and it shows. With the slide lettering, the pistol grip and even the trigger mechanism, it truly feels and performance like a work of art.

Make it Yours!

Mix and match colours, paint or hydro dip, sand back or stipple, the choice is yours! With over 10,000 Glock 17's sold, you can imagine we have seen it all. This pistol is versitile and if you are using it as the foundation of a badass Glock project, you've found your #1 candidate.

Make it Yours!