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KAC SR25 DMR (MK11 Mod 0) - Gel Blaster

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*Latest batch does not come with ABS Scope*

The KAC SR25 DMR is the perfect option for those who want an out of the box DMR without having to purchase a longer handguard, outer/inner barrel and short magazine to complete the DMR look. The blaster even comes with a silencer in the box to add to the DMR aesthetic

With its solid overall build, KAC markings embossed into the SR25 receiver, this blaster looks and feels fantastic with its high-quality nylon and metal externals.

Internally there’s full metal gears with a full metal piston rack, so the KAC SR25 DMR will be able to handle a spring upgrade without sacrificing longevity. We’ve found this blaster really comes to life with a M100/1.3 Spring and Green O-ring upgrade, pushing the FPS up to 290-310 range and accuracy and groupings remains superb due to the use of a 36.5cm metal inner barrel with a 7.3mm tight-bore inner diameter.

Unlike a lot of other blasters that offer single fire, you can truly use this DMR as intended as there’s a notch built into the receiver stopping single fire mode from slipping to full auto, there won’t be any surprise bursts of full auto fire when taking long range single shots with the KAC SR25 DMR.

If you’re after a value for money DMR with a solid build, metal gears, and fantastic out of the box accuracy then look no further.

- Magazine fed
- Safe, Single and Full Auto Select Fire.
- Stopper notch to prevent Single fire mode slipping to full auto
- Metal Buffer tube
- Metal Outer Barrel
- Metal Barrel nut
- Metal Charging handle, fire selector, bolt release
- Metal CCW thread silencer (w/thread adapter)
- Extendable Butt Stock
- Included Picatinny rail hand grip covers
- 12 inch Nylon Handguard
- 1.1 Spring
-  36.5cm Long Metal inner Barrel with 7.3mm ID (tight-bore)
- Nylon V2 gearbox
- Metal Gears and Full Metal Piston rack
- 480 Long Motor
- Nylon Receiver

Packaging Contents:
1 x KAC SR25 DMR (MK11 Mod 0)
1 x Short Magazine
1 x Metal Silencer
1 x Flash Hider (Silencer fits onto Flash Hider thread)
1 x CCW thread adapater
1 x 7.4V Li-on Rechargeable Battery
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Safety Glasses 
1 x Gell Ball Starter Pack (Recommended to purchase more)

Get a spare magazine here: 

SR25 MK11 Spare Magazine

Power Type:

Li-on / Li-Po - Battery (Included) 
Upgrade to 11.1V Battery for up to 50% increase in firing rate. Go to: 

11.1V Battery Upgrade

Approximately 200 FPS

Recommended Gels:
7 - 8mm. To purchase the best and hardest Gel Ball go to the link below:

Ronin Gel balls - (ULTRA HARD & CONSISTENT)

10,000 Milky Whites Gel Balls

3 Months (Midrange)




Please note this product is a Toy. 

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