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Golden Eagle M1887 Long Lever Action Shotgun (Black/Wood) - Green Gas Gel Blaster

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a striking fusion of cutting-edge gel blaster technology and traditional elegance. This exquisitely crafted replica pays homage to the fabled M1887, a shotgun that debuted in the late 1800s and gained widespread recognition for its distinctive lever action system.

This Gel blaster has a robust and captivating feel to it because of its authentic wooden finish and full metal body. The shell ejecting feature adds even more authenticity, and the lever action mechanism, which pays homage to its historical predecessor, has a unique and delightful feel. The M1887 is a tribute to the timeless design of a vintage shotgun.

  • - Type: Gas Powered
  • - Gas Type: Green Gas
  • - Colour: Black
  • - Material: Full Metal + Solid Wood
  • - Metal Trigger/Lever
  • - Metal Inner and Outer Barrels
  • - TYPE : Shell Injecting
  • - TYPE OF FIRE : Single
  • - MAGAZINE CAPACITY : 5 rounds

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Golden Eagle M1887 Long Shotgun (Black/Wood) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
  • 5 x Gel ball Ejecting Shells


Power type:
Green Gas  - Purchase separately (Links below)

All year round - Puff Dino 12KG Gas

Higher Pressure/Winter - Puff Dino 14KG Gas

Extra Ejection Shells:
Addtional Shells for your Gel balls  - Purchase separately (Links below)

M1887 - Lever Action Shotgun Shells

Firing Power: 300+ FPS
Warranty: 6 months (Premium Range)

Recommended Gels:
7 - 8mm. We recommend to use the hardest gels possible with gas powered gel blasters otherwise you will encounter feeding issues and gels breaking upon use. For best performance we recommend using our new Ronin Gels. Available for purchase here: 

Ronin Gel balls - (ULTRA HARD & CONSISTENT)

Gas Ejecting Shotguns require a level of maintenance, warranty can be voided when not properly maintaining a gas shotgun. We recommend a combination of thicker silicon oil or grease for your internals (any part that experiences metal on metal contact friction), and lighter silicon oil for purchase here:

35wt 100% Silicone Oil



Please note this product is a Toy. 

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