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Double Bell TTI G Pistol 34 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell TTI G Pistol 34 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell TTI G Pistol 34 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell TTI G Pistol 34 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell TTI G Pistol 34 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell TTI G Pistol 34 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell TTI G Pistol 34 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell TTI G Pistol 34 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell TTI G Pistol 34 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell TTI G Pistol 34 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell TTI G Pistol 34 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell TTI G Pistol 34 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster

Double Bell TTI G Pistol 34 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster

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The TTI G Pistol 34, the ultimate choice for any John Wick fan or Gel blaster enthusiast. This Double Bell model is based on the silver variant of the iconic 34, the same model seen in John Wick. With the added touch of TTI, this G Pistol 34 is sure to catch the eye of any collector or shooter.

The TTI G Pistol 34 features a sleek and aggressive design, with a full silver metal slide and stippled frame. Its hop-up system provides excellent accuracy and range, making it a great option for both indoor and outdoor play.

But what really sets the TTI G Pistol 34 apart is its association with John Wick 2. As John Wick himself says, "I need something robust, precise, and me." And the TTI G Pistol 34 definitely fits the bill.

  • - Type: Gas Powered
  • - Launch Mode: Semi-auto (single shot)
  • - Gas Type: Green gas
  • - Material: Polymer Lower, Full Metal (Anodized Aircraft Alloy) CNC Slide
  • - Stippled grip
  • - TTI Branding
  • - CNC Metal mag well, and extended mag base cap
  • - Metal slide, polymer frame, Metal trigger,
  • - 20mm polymer Bottom Frame Mounted Rail
  • - Metal Outer and inner Barrels
  • - Orange Tip (Can remove with clockwise)
  • - Inner Barrel inner diameter size: 7.3mm
  • - Integrated Barrel Hop up
  • - Gas blowback 

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Double Bell TTI G Pistol 34 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
  • 1 x Green Gas Magazine
  • 1 x Carry Case


Power type:
Green Gas  - Purchase separately (Links below)

All year round - Puff Dino 12KG Gas

Higher Pressure/Winter - Puff Dino 14KG Gas

Grab a spare Magazine here:
Green Gas Magazine (Link below)

Standard G series magazine 


Firing Power: 300 - 320 FPS
Warranty: 6 Months (Premium)


Recommended Gels:
7 - 8mm. We recommend to use the hardest gels possible with gas powered gel blasters otherwise you will encounter feeding issues and gels breaking upon use. For best performance we recommend using our new Ronin Gels. Available for purchase here: 

Ronin Gel balls - (ULTRA HARD & CONSISTENT)

Barrel attachment adapter:
To attach a mock compensator, muzzle, or suppressor. A thread adapter must be purchased separately. Available for purchase here:

Double bell Thread Adapter

Gas Blow Back Pistols require a high level of maintenance, warranty can be voided when not properly maintaining a gas pistol. We recommend a combination of thicker silicon oil or grease for your slide and lower rails (any part that experiences metal on metal contact friction), and lighter silicon oil for your nozzle and, magazine valves, available for purchase here:

35wt 100% Silicone Oil

Exhaust and fill valves on the magazine may occasionally need adjusting or re-lubricating. A valve key tool is required for maintenance on your gas magazines, available for purchase here:

Gas/CO2 Magazine Valve Key Tool



Please note this product is a Toy. 

Double Bell TTI G Pistol 34 (Silver) - Preview

Glimpse into the world of John Wick's weapon of choice!

Authenticity and Excellence at your Fingertips

  • Gas Operated
  • Internal Hop Up
  • Spring Fed Magazine
  • Heavy & Realistic Blow-Back

The gas used in Gas Blow-Back pistols is typically propane, green gas, or CO2, which is stored in a small container in the gun and released when the trigger is pulled, creating a burst of pressure that propels the gel ball forward!

Enhance your range, precision, and groupings with a must-have addition: the Internal Hop Up. No need for aftermarket upgrades, as this blaster comes dressed to impress with a pre-installed Internal Hop Up, delivering unrivaled performance and unerring accuracy, courtesy of the Continental's finest armaments.

The TTI G pistol 34 Silver showcases a spring-fed magazine, expertly accommodating 15-17 gel balls. Ideal as a trusted Side-arm during tactical operations or as a means to engage in authentic drill exercises, ensuring unwavering performance and training precision.

The TTI G Pistol presents a formidable gas blowback system, meticulously designed to emulate the recoil of a genuine firearm, immersing you in a world of unrivaled gel blaster sophistication, exclusively at your service.

Modular Platform

Modular Platform

Immerse yourself in the boundless realm of the TTI G pistol, a canvas of infinite possibilities awaiting your artistic touch. Embrace the art of customization as you sculpt this masterpiece to suit your discerning taste. From sleek cosmetic enhancements to formidable performance upgrades, the TTI G pistol stands ready to be transformed into a weapon tailored to your precise desires. With its intuitive design, disassembly and reassembly become a fluid dance, empowering you to craft a truly personalized work of art.

Attention to detail

Indulge in the epitome of refinement and craftsmanship with the TTI G pistol, a masterpiece tailored to your desires. Feel the weight of this extraordinary blaster, designed with precision and artistry. Its realistic blow-back action and smooth trigger pull create a seamless extension of yourself, empowering you with unrivaled precision. From textured grips to precise sights, every detail is meticulously crafted for an unmatched Gel blaster experience.

Attention to detail

High-grade construction

High-grade construction

Forged with unyielding precision and engineered to withstand the most demanding of Gel blaster battles, the TTI G pistol exudes a spirit akin to the legendary John Wick himself. Meticulously crafted from the finest materials, it radiates an air of strength and resilience, ready to conquer any challenge in its path. Experience the thrill of its smooth and responsive blowback action, where every trigger pull unleashes a symphony of power and precision. The TTI G pistol embodies the essence of John Wick's unwavering determination and unrelenting pursuit of excellence. Brace yourself for a gel blaster experience that transcends ordinary limits and embraces the extraordinary.

Gas Powered

In the realm of the Continental-approved Gel blasters, this TTI G pistol takes the lead. Propelled by compressed gas, it unleashes gel balls with a lethal combination of force and precision, outclassing all electric and spring-powered imitations. Immerse yourself in the sheer authenticity of its weight and feel, as each shot echoes with the essence of a true assassin. Powered by the relentless green gas or propane, its unwavering energy ensures every shot is a flawless execution, hitting the target with deadly accuracy. Elevate your game with this legendary weapon and join the league of the elite.

Gas Powered

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