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Double Bell G Pistol 19 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell G Pistol 19 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell G Pistol 19 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell G Pistol 19 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell G Pistol 19 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell G Pistol 19 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell G Pistol 19 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell G Pistol 19 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell G Pistol 19 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell G Pistol 19 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell G Pistol 19 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
Double Bell G Pistol 19 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster

Double Bell G Pistol 19 (Silver) - Green Gas Gel Blaster

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Experience the compact yet powerful Double Bell G Pistol 19 gel blaster. Based on the popular G series, this model is the compact version of the iconic G Pistol 17. Its smaller size makes it easy to maneuver and conceal, while still delivering impressive performance and accuracy.

  • - Type: Gas Powered
  • - Gas Type: Green gas
  • - Material: Full Metal
  • - Durable heavyweight aluminium slide assembly
  • - Metal slide, polymer frame, Metal trigger
  • - Silver slide, Gold outer barrel
  • - 20mm polymer Bottom Frame Mounted Rail
  • - Metal Outer and inner Barrels
  • - Orange Tip (Can be removed by turning it clockwise)
  • - Inner Barrel inner diameter size: 7.3mm
  • - Integrated Barrel Hop up
  • - Gas blowback¬†

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Double Bell G Pistol 19 (Black) - Green Gas Gel Blaster
  • 1 x Green Gas Magazine
  • 1 x Carry Case


Power type:
Green Gas  - Purchase separately (Links below)

All year round - Puff Dino 12KG Gas

Higher Pressure/Winter - Puff Dino 14KG Gas

Grab a spare Magazine here:
Green Gas Magazine (Links below)

Spare 19 magazine (Factory magazine)

Standard G series magazine (Slightly extended)

Firing Power: 290 - 310 FPS
Warranty: 3 months (Mid-Range)

Recommended Gels:
7 - 8mm. We recommend to use the hardest gels possible with gas powered gel blasters otherwise you will encounter feeding issues and gels breaking upon use. For best performance we recommend using our new Ronin Gels. Available for purchase here: 

Ronin Gel balls - (ULTRA HARD & CONSISTENT)

Barrel attachment adapter:
To attach a mock compensator, muzzle, or suppressor. A thread adapter must be purchased separately. Available for purchase here:

Double bell Thread Adapter

Gas Blow Back Pistols require a high level of maintenance, warranty can be voided when not properly maintaining a gas pistol. We recommend a combination of thicker silicon oil or grease for your slide and lower rails (any part that experiences metal on metal contact friction), and lighter silicon oil for your nozzle and, magazine valves, available for purchase here:

35wt 100% Silicone Oil

Exhaust and fill valves on the magazine may occasionally need adjusting or re-lubricating. A valve key tool is required for maintenance on your gas magazines, available for purchase here:

Gas/CO2 Magazine Valve Key Tool



Please note this product is a Toy. 

DOUBLE BELL G PISTOL 19 (Silver) - Preview

Take a closer look at our popular G Pistol before you buy it!

Experience Realism and Performance in the Palm of your Hands

  • Gas Operated
  • Internal Hop Up
  • Spring Fed Magazine
  • Heavy & Realistic Blow-Back

The gas used in Gas Blow-Back pistols is typically propane, green gas, or CO2, which is stored in a small container in the gun and released when the trigger is pulled, creating a burst of pressure that propels the gel ball forward!

A Hop up is an absolute necessity if you want to increase your range, accuracy, and have tighter groupings. Now you don't have to worry about upgrading to one because an Internal Hop Up is pre-installed in the blaster!

The Double Bell G Pistol 19 features a spring-fed magazine with a gel ball capacity of 13-15. Perfect as a Side-arm out in the field or providing a form of realistic drill practice!

The 19 boasts a heavy and realistic gas blowback system that mimics the recoil of a real firearm, enhancing the authenticity and immersion of your gel blaster experience!

Modular Platform

Modular Platform

The G platform is highly modular, with a wide range of customisable parts and accessories. This is due to the G series popularity, leading to a thriving market for upgrades. Upgrades can include simple cosmetic mods like mock suppressors or functional upgrades like reinforced internals or adjustable sights. The G series design is easy to take apart and put back together, making it easy for enthusiasts to tailor it to their individual needs and preferences for a unique blaster experience.

Attention to detail

The attention to detail on this platform is truly impressive. From the realistic blow-back action and smooth trigger pull to the textured grips and precise sights, every element of the blaster has been carefully crafted to provide an unparalleled Gel blaster experience.

Attention to detail

High-grade construction

High-grade construction

High-quality materials and components were used in the production of the G Pistol 17, resulting in a robust and dependable structure that is intended to survive even the most trying Gel blaster conditions. A realistic shooting experience is provided by the gun's smooth blowback action and precise trigger pull. The Blaster is a favourite pick for both recreational gel blaster admirers and avid collectors due to its high-performance internals, which consistently offer precision and power.

Gas Powered

This G pistol is gas-powered, which means it propels the gel ball from the Blaster's magazine with compressed gas. This gas-powered technology outperforms other types of Gel blasters, such as electric or spring-powered blasters. For one thing, gas-powered Blaster guns are more realistic and have a more natural weight and feel while shooting. This model's functioning is specifically powered by green gas or propane, which provides a dependable and consistent source of power that ensures consistent and accurate shots.

Gas Powered

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