7 Inch Alloy Handguard Kit - M4A1 V8, V9, Kublai M4

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7 Inch Alloy Handguard Kit for M4A1 V8 to add more weight to your blaster and gives it a more realistic feeling.

Color: Black
Material: Metal + Nylon
Product Weight: 1000g
Package Dimensions: 40*9*8cm
Package Weight: 1050g
Packing: Bag

M4A1 V8
M4A1 V9
Kublai M4

Package Content:
1 x Triangle Sight
1 x M016 Metal Butt Clamp 7-inch RIS/RAS/RAILS
1 x Metal Adapter Ring (Screw + Spanner)
1 x Nylon Triangle Grip
1 x 30cm Metal Outer Barrel
1 x Metal Stabilized Loop (Screw + Spanner)
1 x Trident Barrel Decorative Cap
1 x Honeycomb Barrel Decoration

Please note this product is for a Gel Blaster Toy.