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New South Wales Gel Blasters

NSW Gel Blasters: Safe Fun and Popularity Still Growing

The gel blaster phenomenon continues to grow, and NSW is one of the hotbeds of the sport. Gel ballers themselves will need no explanation, but for the benefit of those interested in taking it up, here are some key facts. Read More

Gel blasting uses realistic model guns that fire non-lethal, non-toxic balls of gel that disperse on impact, leaving far less mess than paintball pellets. The impact is less painful than paintball and airsoft, so protective clothing is not an issue, although eye protection is advised.

Gel blasters come in many forms, from pistols to chunky rifles and sleek, powerful snipers' rifles There are also plenty of models suitable for kids.

Are Gel Blasters Legal in NSW?

In the main gel guns are legal in NSW and the authorities look favourably on those bought from reputable dealers such as us here at TacToys. The name of our company gives a clue to the acceptance of gel blasting as a sport: although they are very realistic and this is a sport enjoyed by adults, models which are classified as toys are legal, while other models may be classified as imitation firearms, which are not legal.

Have Fun Responsibly

In addition to sensible health and safety practices among players, gel blaster events should be held in private locations where the public will not be endangered or frightened. Similarly, it would be unwise to brandish a gel blaster in a public place. The object is to have fun in private, making a gel blaster NSW's favourite of these types of sports.

Where Can I get a Gel Blaster in NSW?

At TacToys, our full range of NSW gel blasters, ammunition and accessories are available online. Our prices are the best in Australia and credit terms are available if you want to spread the cost. Orders are dispatched promptly; those received before 2 pm are dispatched the same day. That means you can receive your new gel blaster, ammo or accessories quickly and be ready for the next battle.

NSW Gel Blasters Questions Answered & Advice Given

Customer service is very important to us, and you can contact us by phone or email. Whether you are asking about the fundamentals of gel blasters - how they work and why it is less messy than paintball, for instance - or you are a parent making sure you get the best product for your child, we are always happy to help. Experienced gel ballers are welcome to ask about new models or special features on those they are not familiar with. As your suppliers we want you to have the best, and you can only do that if you have all the information you need to make a decision.

Whether you are interested in electric-powered or gas-powered, pistols, rifles, or shotguns, we'll get you up to speed. If you need tactical gear (everything from face/head protection to holsters, slings and clothing including footwear), parts, clearance bargains or want to know what is suitable for younger people, ask away. We are determined to give you what you need.

We also offer gel blasters in Perth & gel blasters in Gold Coast. Read Less

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