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Galore of Guns, What Fun with Gel Water Guns! Play, Enjoy and be Safe

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Galore of Guns, What Fun with Gel Water Guns! Play, Enjoy and be Safe

Toys are fun for the kids, but some toys are fun for grown-ups too. Toys that have an element of adventure or fear of excitement, like gel water guns. Well, guns are anyways exciting for some, but gel water guns, which are harmless and won’t hurt a fly characteristic have become all the more noteworthy.

What are gel water guns?

Gel water guns are made of different materials that are user-friendly and harmless. There are two types of guns: one battery operated, two manual. The one operated by a battery is fun as any other battery operated a machine. The manual one is manually loaded with spring. One can manually load the harmless gel balls and have a ball by shooting these gel balls.

What are the gel balls?

The gel balls are specially made balls that are sent to the buyer in a dehydrated condition. The gel balls will arrive to you in small packets of 10 000 balls. What you need to do is soak the gel balls in water for about four hours. Within four hours, you will see that the balls have grown to almost 7- 8 mm.

So you will have about 10 000 balls of 7- 8 mm. Yes, soak the balls in 3 litres of water, not less.

Whenever you want to use the gel gun, load the gel balls and shoot. The gel balls on being shot, explode into small jelly-like pieces. These; however, disappear in no time, so you needn’t worry about the stains or any other toxic waste. They are completely safe.

One thing that you must remember to do is to remove any excess water from the gel balls before loading them into the gun.

Best way to store the balls

The best way to store your gel balls is to keep them soaked in water, but ensure that the water you store the balls in is fresh. If you want to store the balls for a long time, store them in a sealed box and keep them stored in a fridge.

The one most important thing is to keep your gel balls soaked in water all the time, if you forget or are lazy to do that, the balls will shrink. Of course, you resoak them and they will grow too, but the hardness that is the main thing will be gone.

So, the two precautions that you must take are:

  1. Always keep your gel balls soaked in water. 10 000 balls will require 3 litres of water.
  2. Empty the gun of the balls when not in the house. The balls could block the chamber, thereby harming the life of the gun.

Legality of using the gel guns

It is perfectly okay to use gel guns. In December 2017, the department of home affairs declared the gel guns to be harmless and classified them as toys.

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